Little St. Germain Lake Info

There is a reason to fish any lake and the reason to fish ours is productivity. "Little Saint" is considered one of the most biologically fertile waters in northern Wisconsin. There is excellent habitat, good water quality, and healthy fish numbers. Please use this page as a resource for your Little St. Germain Lake information.
Little St. Germain Lake

Lake Size - 980 Acres

Lake Depth - 56 Feet

Anglers of all ages can find something at Jackson's. Our lake supports a tremendous panfish population. Bluegills, crappie, and perch all provide excellent action. Those in search of toothy critters can take a crack at a significant muskie population that has good size structure and honest chances at trophy fish. Northern pike and walleye are popular. Both open water and ice anglers enjoy good success.

A number of quality guides can be hired out of Jackson's for a special trip and we'll make sure that you'll learn, and discover some special nuances to fishing that you may not experience anywhere else. The Jackson family will do their best to help you set up a trip for both small and large groups and make sure the cabins are suited to your needs. If needed, we can answer any questions that you may have about our resort or Little St. Germain Lake.

Ken Jackson Guide Service

Water Chemistry

Moderately fertile and fairly clear. West Bay exhibits more characteristics of a mesotrophic lake with deeper clear water and hard bottom. East and South Bays show more characteristics of fertile eutrophic water with a bit of stain and less transparency.


Extensive weed cover is found in No Fish, South, and East Bays. Shoreline weeds are found in West Bay. Some log cribs were placed throughout the lake in the mid 1990's and are still a factor in holding fish. Significant amounts of rock and gravel are found throughout the lake, however more is located in West Bay.


The boat launch is located on Tobin-Lange Road, just off Birchwood Drive. It has a paved ramp with an excellent loading pier. Parking for approximately 15 rigs is located at the top of the hill. The ramp is somewhat steep, but still a fine launch. This site is a 5 minute drive from the resort by car or 1 minute by boat.


Little Saint has had a 45 inch minimum size limit for muskies since the 2002 season. Because of this quality management, more fish 40 inches and larger exist in this lake than most in northern Wisconsin. It is an excellent lake throughout the season, but it is especially productive in early summer and late fall. The lake has a strong forage base that supports not only good numbers of muskies, but can also help them achieve weights exceeding 30 pounds.

Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass

Both smallmouth and largemouth bass are popular choices for anglers at our resort. Late May and early June nesting periods provide quick action and chances at fish exceeding 20 inches. Clear water early in the year makes "sight fishing" a fun way to target these shallow fish. More largemouth are found than bronzebacks, but some truly special bass are available to those that enjoy fishing before the crowds come up.


There are many excellent walleye lakes in the St. Germain area, but few are able to produce the size that some fish achieve on Little Saint. While other lakes may have higher catch rates, our lake offers an honest shot at fish between 8 and 12 pounds. State stocking supports the population and the cisco/sucker/shiner forage is an excellent contributor to producing these quality fish.

Northern Pike

There used to be a number of "hammer handle" sized northern pike in past years. Since the 2000 season though, water quality and habitat has improved to the point of creating a biomass of pike that consists of a population of fewer, but much higher quality fish. Many muskie anglers are finding good pike in the 8 to 12 pound range and more anglers are now seeking out these aggressive predators. Late May and September are the best times to search for these pike and many different tactics will produce.
Check out this video that Ken Jackson shot on Little St. Germain Lake in November of 2006.
Within 20 minutes of the resort, there are a number of special secret lakes and creeks that we make available for the guests to enjoy. We can help set up an all day affair or just an afternoon outing in some special wilderness settings that make for a fun and productive fishing experience. Small boats, canoes, and even float tubes can be utilized for these adventures. Many of our long-time guests look forward to these diversions every season.